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About Moreno...

Moreno had worked in the two-wheels industry for over 40 years. Today the Industry and Brussels have lost a true giant.

His legacy is unprecedented, and his spirit will always be around us. Throughout his career, Moreno's vision and determination were instrumental in shaping the trajectory of the EU Bike Industry.

Moreno collaborated for the Bike Industry in Brussels since the 90ies with COLIBI/COLIPED (later merged to CONEBI), and joined forces with former EBMA Chairman Mr. Montgomery in 2003, successfully renewing the 5-year anti-dumping case against PRC's originated bicycles imports for another 3 terms, making it as the longest-running trade defense case in the European Commission history.  In 2018, Moreno had triumphantly filed the new anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases against E-bikes from PRC.


Moreno was convinced that the European Union was the best thing which ever happened in Europe.  Thanks to the European Commission, Moreno/EBMA has kept over 1300 sustainable manufacturing SMEs and 180.000 Green Jobs of our EU Bike Industry in the EU.  And in the last 25 years we were able to develop the Pedal-Assist E-bikes, allowing millions of EU Citizens to enjoy cycling.

Moreno Fioravani's indelible mark on the two-wheels industry and his profound impact on the European BikeIndustry will be deeply missed. His legacy will endure as an inspiration to all who knew him, reminding us of the transformative potential of passion, dedication, and advocacy in shaping a better future.

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